Test it



1) Choose the best option.

a) Dad gave me hundred /a hundred/ the hundred pounds.

b) Take a/ -/an umbrella with you.

c) May dad is a vet/ the vet/ vet.

d)Jules wants dog/ a dog/ a dogs.

2)Write a or an where necessary.

a)The car needs petrol.

b)What stupid thing to say!

c)Why don't we share apple?

d)He says he's politician.

3)Find and correct the mistake in each sentence.

a)When I was a child, I didn't used to believe in Father Christmas.

b)Did you used to watch a lot of TV?

c)My brother used to frightening me with horrible spiders.

d)Don't worry about the noise .I used to it.

4)Choose the correct option,A or B.

a) ..... have blonde hair?

A. Didn't you use to

B.Are you used to

b)Dad ..... get a lot of headaches.Now he doesn't.

A .was used to

B. used to

c) The children ..... often play hide-and-seek in the woods.

A. got used to

B. would

d) My sister ..... be a teacher.Now she's a painter.

A. got used to

B. used to